Equipment Use Schedule

The BioInnovation Laboratory has several pieces of equipment that current KSU students, faculty, and staff may schedule the use of. These currently include:

  • Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer
  • Thermal Cycler (real-time quantitative PCR and end-point PCR)

There are particular restrictions for each piece of equipment, which users will be informed of during training, prior to any approved use. To see what reservations already exist and available times that may be requested, visit the following link:

BioInnovation Lab Calendar's Equipment Reservation Schedule

All applicants are required to be trained by one of the managers of the BioInnovation Lab prior to submitting an application. To request training with a particular piece of equipment, contact us with the details of which piece of equipment you would like to use and the range of applications you would like to use it for.

To submit a request to reserve time to use equipment, use the following link:

Application for Use of Bioinnovation Lab Equipment